Sunday, September 4, 2011

SLFucked Again

Okay, what did I do wrong this time?

I tried to reply to SL8995's "know where i can purchase RL second life items" thread (I have often wanted a real-life version of Senjata Witt's concert T), but when I hit the reply button, either of them, I get bumped out of the thread. So what's up?

I swear I've been able to pull off a SLF reply before.  What am I doing wrong this time?

Hitting "Reply" takes me to this screen:

I don't see anything to indicate that the thread has been locked or that my posting ability has been hobbled.  Glitch?  Temporary insanity?  Brain fart?

Apologies to Storm, but I can't post freely, can't use "adult" language or discuss "adult" themes and the functionality of the SLF forum, no matter which version, has always been so bloody frustrating and, and, and...well, that's why you don't see me there very often.  (Good tips for those who want me off their forums, btw.    ;)   Hey, it worked for SLO.)

Oh, and this is the shirt I want in real.


ETA:  Shit, did I become a "male" when they revamped the forums?  That's what the little blue man means, yes?  That's the default?  So now I have to go back in and fix my gender?  Aargh.  At least I finally noticed the damn thing.

ETA2:  Alright, damn it, where do you change the little blue "M" man?  I'm clicking through all the "Preferences" and "Settings" and not seeing it yet.

ETA3:  Oh.  It means I'm a "member."  I remember getting the e-mail announcing that.  I thought getting an email telling me I was a member after all this time was a bit...well, anyway, I think I even commented on it here in my blog somewhere.  A little blue M man...really?

ETA4:  What are the colors and symbols for the rest of the levels?  Is there a handy chart?

ETA5:  Oh ffs.  I think I figured out the replying problem.  Depending on which link I click the site "sees" me as either logged in or not logged in and since I was logged in I didn't notice the difference and didn't immediately think to check ('cuz I'm so used to the bloody aggravation of SLF!) when I clicked around.  Let me try that again.

ETA6:  Yup.  That was it.  Depending on how I get in there, it either recognizes me as logged in or it doesn't and if I click on "Sign in" it doesn't actually ask me to sign in, it just changes my status to already signed in and lets me reply.

ETA7:  And a "General Discussion" in each section?  And a borked "Search" that I have to help like a toddler crossing the road?  Argh.  I'm in danger of another SLF rant.  I'm so spoiled by other sites.  Must...stay...away...from...SLF.

ETA8:  'Course, it could just be the day I'm having.   


ETA9: Squealing and showering affection on Storm for this.

Storm said...
"This is the best I could do Lee:"
Crimes against convention

Storm Clarence said...
"I was made aware of this issue from a friend and I, too, attempted to post to this OP and can not. Is the lithium software censoring/moderating our replies, too?"


I'm lovin' Storm's current siggy.  ;)


  1. No apologies needed Lee. We'll always have Paris.

    captcha: nitpicker

  2. This is the best I could do Lee:

  3. storm said...
    "This is the best I could do Lee:"

    AAAAAAAAAAH! <<squealing, scream of joy, not unlike a teenage girl opening a Christmas present to find Manolo Blahniks or tickets to THE concert of the summer.

    OXXXXXXXXX <<a squeezing hug and a hailstorm of kisses

    I'm so feelin' the love right now, Storm.

    *huge grin*

  4. Exactly. THIS.
    The whole post.

    That and dead boring threads once you find them. Or maybe after the long, frustrating, circuitous hunt to find intelligent life on the SLF all the threads just seem dead boring.

    I take it you got your tee shirt.
    My suggestion would have been to simply contact Senjata and ask. :)

  5. Hi L. I do NOT have the real-life version of Senjata's t-shirt yet, but it is on my list and I do have Senjata's contact information and the intention to ask her. She actually lives in my neck of the woods and she's friendly and gracious, so I like my chances.

  6. Btw, I wear that shirt in SL all the time. The pic does not really do it justice, but I think it is one of the best concert Ts, if not THE best, of all the concert Ts from actual live SL performers I've seen. I also sometimes wear a Guitar Zane shirt (I'm a HUGE fan) and I sometimes wear a Larree Quixote shirt (he made a psychedelic Burning Man shirt for SL's event last year.)


    Her blog has her email addy Lee, try contacting her via that?

  8. LOL

    I love the support for my quest to get a real life Senjata Witt concert T.

    Thank you, ladies.


  9. I made profile/concert board pic for Larree when he was brand new I think I still have them filed away actually.

  10. Get out! You did not! What a funny coincidence. I wrote a bunch of stuff promoting Larree when he was new. He's a fun guy. Boundless energy and enthusiasm.

  11. Okay, I've been wanting that Witt shirt for like a year or so and always had it in the back of my mind to ask Senjata about it, but with the prompting of L and colleen, I decided to just go ahead and do it now. So I sent Senjata an email.


  13. Ooh. Naughty red dress pics.

    (Where are Orfeu and Stephie?)


  14. Ah, I see the Larree pic in this link:

  15. = ) he was fun. Great personality.

  16. @ colleen: I have that pic in my RLetc album.

  17. LOL.

    Welcome to my world...

    As Webmaster of several (read: lots) of sites including fora, I can only say: this stuff happens every now and again with all kinds of forum-software. Bugs, glitches, the hiccups - whatever. Preferably on Sundays! I am sure it will be fixed by the LL webmaster(s) tomorrow.. so for now: no panic, take a deep breath and a drink! It's not only you, well..not this time.

    Nite nite for later!

  18. I couldn't post there either!

    Pep (Ah, that's right, been banned for a month for the forum censor being buggy and not censoring my atrocious expletive.)

  19. @ Lee ....did you get the RL shirt?

  20. LOL

    I only IM'd the lady two days ago. Give it some time!


  21. ETA10: I'm lovin' Storm's current siggy. ;)