Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rumble in Los Angeles

Alright, we missed out on the "Rumble in Reno" and the "Rumble in TBD," so we'll have to make do with this remarkably similar story.


 "The 'Breakfast Club' star was arrested on Monday night on suspicion of disturbing the peace after the neighbor in the dispute told police that Hall had threatened to "beat him to a pulp" after he confronted him to ask why he was ripping up plants in a common area of their condominium complex, according to the Los Angeles Times. The actor allegedly knocked on the man's front door a little later and challenged him to a fight. The unnamed man refused to leave his home and called the police. Police arrived and Hall was taken into custody. According to the Los Angeles Times, Hall was released from custody earlier today and faces a misdemeanor charge that will likely be handled by the L.A. city attorney's office.

 No streaming video or dancing chickens, though, I'm afraid.


  1. I felt sorry for this poor little post not having any comments so I thought I would offer this completely irrelevant story told by the ultimate lady who lunches, Joan Collins, about one of my heros who she saw ushering an embarrassment of a female out of his hotel room one morning on location.

    Joan said "You'd fuck a snake, wouldn't you" to which Richard Burton responded in his dulcetly seductive celtic tones, "Only if it was wearing a skirt like yours, darling".