Tuesday, September 13, 2011

gV: Don't Tell Them Lee Sent You



  1. While I have not been following the goings on at gV closely, I thought Nina wanted MORE members? It seems as if you (they?) are suggesting that they want more members, just not any you might bring (!?).

    I am confused.....

  2. no need for confusion. you got it pretty much correct. it's an "open community", just so long as you pass the muster of their "non-existent" FIC whose own favored pastime is to behave in the exact manner they vehemently condemn others for (and yet never notice nor acknowledge the hypocrisy inherent in said behavior).

    oh... and, of course, utterly unbiased moderation...

    except for the times when it isn't.

  3. Hey 23rdDjin (can I call you 3rd for short?) I should really sue you for use of my "non-existent" FIC concept - for which I have considerable "prior art" . . .

    Pep ( . . . but since I entirely concur with all the sentiments you express - which is astonishingly unusual and which agreement probably annoys the hell out of you - we'll let it go this time, especially as I respect Lee's blogs as a DMZ.)

  4. Pep said...

    "...I respect Lee's blogs as a DMZ..."