Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Situational Influences

Catfish is on the current HBO rotation.  I also noticed Nev Schulman and Aimee Gonzales, both from Catfish, on the promos for Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show.

I checked Google news to see if there were any updates on the story, having followed it last year, and I saw this article, "'Catfish' Star, Filmmakers Hook Careers in Hollywood," from August 28, 2011 on ABC News online.  It gives a quick "where are they now" summary.

It also has comments.  Like this one from Skeptic335 which produced a "hunh" moment for me...
"Fascinating! Makes me think about power of "situational Influences" in open society created by people that feel trapped in life's situations it possibly creates less violent stories like "Carfish" and the "6th sense" to more violent stories like murder. I feel that we need to look much farther than how "situational influences" play out in the "Stamford Experiment". Since I had sleep APNEA all my life- which I call "natural water boarding" and the insane police interrogations that one can get if they are falsely accused. I feel that "less intense" "Situational Influences" that play out in real life may be "more intense" than the "dark side of interrogation "brainwashing based on "social interaction, abuse or lack there of. I feel that if we could research it with out "abusing people" and model it we we might find results far more controversial and shocking than the "the theory of evolution. Such a concept doesn't scare me although it scares my superiors and some people in the medical profession but not all."



  1. Oh dear, someone has half a clue about pychology, presumably picked up from an indepth article in a film magazine, and has the same sort of understanding about the well-established - in any number of simple repeatable experiments - effect that "priming" has on the un/subconscious of supposedly independent thinkers; hell, it has even been the subject (without significant acknowledgement, which is intellectually fraudulent) of a recent best-seller, called "Nudge" by Thaler & Sunstein, who have reinvented the effect in a sufficiently simple way to get politicians to understand it - and pay them big bucks to consult on how the great unwashed can be manipulated.

    Pep (As an indication, British Driving Licence application forms now have a default, "I would like to donate my body and soul to the state" box ticked by default; you would think that David Cameron would use underhand subterfuge for more politically beneficial purposes wouldn't you?)

  2. PS Please don't anybody give the example of how Walmart increased sales of beer on Fridays by putting cases of it close to diapers; no-one has investigated if it would have increased the sales of diapers if a display of them had been situated in the middle of the beer shelves.

  3. PPS Isn't this post about lay psychology in the wrong blog of yours, Lee?

  4. Hmmm, I did not get all of that from the individuals comments. What I see is an individual who needs to give lengthy consideration to posting while on barbiturates and not while on amphetamines.

  5. Pep said...

    "PPS Isn't this post about lay psychology in the wrong blog of yours, Lee?"

    I suppose I could have gone either way. ;)

  6. Lee said: "I suppose I could have gone either way"

    Pep (which is the first serious indication of Lee's historical bileanings that he has noticed.)

    PS Shouldn't this be in your sex blog, in that case?

  7. You're just appealing to my penchant for cross-posting. I'm on to you now, Pep. ;-)

  8. Btw, I think Carter misses you, Pep.


  9. And considering her last 10 out of 11 posts were about me, I think she misses me too.


  10. Carter?

    Pep (is a little confused for once.)

  11. Pep said...

    "Pep (is a little confused for once.)"

    Excellent. That's going in my win column for no good reason whatsoever, but I will cherish it anyway...well, not really, but it was fun for a second there.


    Rotpaulette "tout" Carter

  12. Ah, she misses me?

    Pep (doubts if she could hit le cul d'une vache espagnole avec un banjo.)