Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Stats & Search Keywords

I find the blog stats fascinating.  I have my doubts about their reliability...natch.  Right now, using the "Now"  link that supposedly shows two hours worth of data, I see that there have been seven people from Iran and five from the United States looking at my blog and at least one of them got here by searching Google for "virtual game lil peps."  I would love the opportunity to ask secondary questions.

Looking at "All Time" I see that most viewers come from the U.S., the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.  No surprise there.  There is also an unaccountably high number of people from Latvia viewing all of my blogs (not just this one).

Forum Confidential, Pserendipity Daniels' "Pep's Parenthetical Postscripts," Google, SLF, SC MKII, gV and my own blogs continue to be the top-referring sites to this blog.

Variations of my own name and that of Seicher Rae and Jon Finkel continue to lead the top of the "Search Keywords" list.  Some of the ones lower down the list that amuse me besides "virtual game lil peps" are "realistic pubic hair," "ripped union jack flag shorts," "daddy dom" and "whore wiki."  There have also been some very disappointed searchers for "magic the gathering," I'm sure.  And I'm real curious about the people who got here via "a."

The blog posts that have received the most views are, again not surprisingly, the ones about sex and gV forum moderation.

And y'all are slaves to Windows and Firefox.   ;)


This is from today's data.



  1. "And y'all are slaves to Windows and Firefox. ;)"

    Uh huh... remind me now, which operating system do you use? :P

  2. Look out for the coming wave of Android and Chrome.

    Pep (When Google get their fingers out to rebrand the Android browser.)

  3. I don't have bookmarks so I use Forum Confidential and Pep's blog to access your blog, and many others.

    I have no master(s). I don't use Windoze or Firefox.

  4. Well I gotta say...I am disappointed.
    I can see the gathering...but ....where is the magic ??

    Although the pubic hair is damned fact...I have been picking it out of my teeth all night.

  5. Orfeu, what's the last sound a pubic hair makes before it hits the floor?


  6. So now a new keyword search data list from today shows someone used "sex and gV forum moderation" to get to this blog. *Really*?

    See ETA.

  7. Steph said...
    "Uh huh... remind me now, which operating system do you use? :P"


    Windows and Chrome. And Chrome was the second one on the browser list.

  8. Fun eh, the keywords search. On my blog the nr 1= Seicher Rae (whilst she is nowhere mentioned on my blog!) and nr 2: Caitlin nude (yeah, you can find that, but it's not tagged as such..)

  9. Yeah, it is.

    Hunh. (re: SR) Weird.

    Pervs. ;)

  10. your name comes up in in the log of search terms at Feted Inner Hangout. Either you are becoming quite the SLebrity or you are being google stalked.

  11. "Hunh. (re: SR) Weird."

    Yes, isn't it? And SR has been a top search keyword in several blogs, most of which are a big, "Huh? Why? Why HERE?" LoL & shrug. It is one reason I killed her and Leia off; SR is this weird meme by now that bears little or no resemblance to anyone living or dead. Oh, and btw & fwiw, "I.R." as a search term is no where to be found — including on my own blog when it was up.

    /me smiles sweetly

    SR/LA was killed off ages ago. Go figure why people are STILL doing searches on SR and about WHAT??? Very, very odd.

    /me shakes my head in bewilderment, turns to walk out and just laughs merrily at the silliness of all of this

  12. Eventually whomever is keeping tabs on or for you will cease when they realize that SR is old news.