Sunday, January 15, 2012

REVERBNATION, Brainz Torment & SpeedBump

I'm listening to Second Life artists on

Here's the "About":

ABOUT REVERBNATION is the leading online music-marketing platform used by over 1,970,000 artists — plus managers, record labels, and venues — to grow their reach, influence, and business across the internet. provides free and affordable solutions to individual artists and the music industry professionals that support them in the areas of web promotion, fan-relationship management, digital distribution, social-media marketing, direct-to-fan e-commerce, fan-behavior measurement, sentiment tracking, web-site hosting, and concert booking and promotion.'s innovation is in developing technologies that integrate the wide array of distribution, marketing, and promotional functions used by the music industry into one comprehensive and easy-to-use business application — helping virtually any artist grow their revenues, and providing insight into how each marketing input contributes to overall outcomes. For more information, please visit ReverbNation and follow on Twitter

I played a boisterous game of Speed Bump by Brainz Torment last night in Second Life with Balley, Guitar Zane and Lyric and with Merlin, Molly, Nic, Sam, Shahayla and Biggles Magic too.

Lyric's speaking voice is pure honey and she is a brilliant game partner.  Balley sounds exactly like Keith Carradine (FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy on Dexter).

I'm a big fan of Guitar Zane and enjoy attending his concerts.  You can hear and see him at his website:

Now it seems he has branched out into game development with his musical friends.

Brainz Torment Inc. Mainstore

Brainz Torment Inc. Mainstore

Home of SL's newest gaming craze "SPEEDBUMP" !!
BT was founded by Guitar Zane in June of 2011, the company is comprised of 6 individuals, all with a common goal in mind. This goal is creating new, unique, and ground breaking entertainment products within SL!
Guitar Zane
Lyric Serendipity
Merlin Edwardstone
Shahayla Tearfall
Biggles Magic
Balley Bernard



SL's BEST NEW Game!!
If you haven't played... you're missing out!!
Speed Bump is a fun, interactive voice game, (can be played in text, but, it's not as fun ;P ) SpeedBump was designed to be played in groups of 4 or more!! Your goal is to be the first team to reach either 750 points (short game) or 1500 points (regular game)!
Team members each take turns giving clues to their team mates, trying to get them to guess words or phrases given by the game board. The game includes several different categories, making it fun for everyone!!
If you get a Speed will lose valuable points and possibly your entire turn!
Curious yet???
Grab your friends and come try out the demo at our Mainstore!
PS** Don't forget to grab some freebies from the Mainstore while your there!

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