Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brainz Torment & Speed Bump in Second Life

I'm a fan of Guitar Zane so when he told me he had begun a new venture in Second Life games, I had to check it out.  The game I tried was Speed Bump.  It's similar to Password.  You're given a clue, like a saying, actor, movie, food item, etc. and you have to get your team to say the clue.  There is a timer and the game throws "speed bumps" your way to slow you down.  GZ wanted me to get the full experience, so he assembled a party in Nic and Molly's house and we played with a group of about 8-10 for hours.  It's addictive.

There is a 20-minute demo copy at the store site.  secondlife:///app/worldmap/Finse/101.766/247.703/48.4889

You can play in your own chairs or rez the tire seats that come with the game for a thematic feel.  That pic above is the demo outside the Brainz Torment store.    The three below are from Nic and Molly's game room at their home.

We played in both voice and text for our game.  I admit to hopping out of my RL and SL seats trying to convey a word or phrase to my teammates while watching the clock tick down, keeping an eye on local chat and listening to my teammates in voice and trying to unlock my brain and mouth to get something useful out.

At one point I got the category of "Food" and the clue was "Roquefort."  I'm not proud of how we got there, but my team did figure it out before the clock ran out.  I started them with a song you sing in rounds and ended with something kids make out of furniture and sheets (Row, row, row your boat and living room forts.)  Oh sure.  You judge me now, but if you had 90 seconds to get someone to say "Roquefort" what would you say?  Un hunh.

Ima and I had so much fun we decided we needed a Speed Bump for the CAC Clubhouse.  I bought one that very night and set it up on the beach.  You may want to turn your volume down if you happen to be flying by one night and see a bunch of CACers sitting in tires on the beach.

Thanks to Guitar Zane, Balley Bernard, Lyric Serendipity, Merlin Edwardstone, Shahayla Tearfall,  Biggles Magic, Nic Kelberry, Molly Medier, Samantha Bosch, Leri Miles and Ima and Sylvia for a great time last night.  Thanks to Nic and Molly for hosting.

Brainz Torment Speed Bump store here:  Ed & Gia's Little Bit of Ireland, Finse (101.766,247.703,48.4889)  secondlife:///app/worldmap/Finse/101.766/247.703/48.4889

More Brainz Torment links: &

More Brainz Torment Speed Bump pics here:

If you decide to play, which I hope you do, then take this.  You'll need it.

"in of is are and a an for to it be or at as the if on so but"

Speed Bump v2.2: It is Blue team's turn.
Leri Miles, you're up. Click 'Play' to get your word and start the timer.
Biggles Magic: out
Speed Bump v2.2: The category is ENTERTAINMENT
Lyric Serendipity: in of is are and a an for to it be or at as the if on so but
Speed Bump v2.2: ____ AND THE ____
Lee (leehere.absent): in of is are and a an for to it be or at as the if on so but
Speed Bump v2.2: ____ AND THE ____
Lyric Serendipity: beauty
Lee (leehere.absent): cat
Lyric Serendipity: kitten
Lee (leehere.absent): feline
Lyric Serendipity: pussy
Lee (leehere.absent): pussy
Nic Kelberry: Pussy
Lyric Serendipity: cat
Lyric Serendipity: puss
Lee (leehere.absent): pussycat
Lyric Serendipity: pussycat
Lee (leehere.absent): boots
Lee (leehere.absent): dolls
Nic Kelberry: Puss
Lyric Serendipity: josie
Speed Bump v2.2: JOSIE AND THE ____
Lee (leehere.absent): joise
Lyric Serendipity: pussycats
Speed Bump v2.2: Lyric Serendipity guessed the phrase. Blue team gets 68 points.

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