Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Joke's No Good If You Have To Explain It

I went from pop-up museums (some of which allow visitors to contribute exhibit pieces to give the museum a shared historical authority) to THE Pop-up Museum.  Tad Low and Woody (Thompson) are the creators of the VH1 Pop-up Video concept, which included bubbles and "info nuggets."  The name of their company was Spin the Bottle, Inc.  Pop-Up Video was VH1's highest-rated show until Behind the Music took that spot and Pop-Up Video was known for it's playfully sexual content.  Ben Stiller made a movie called "A Night at the Museum."  I'm the "Archivist" in a virtual world.  I was a contributor to the 100 Word Story Challenge.

The age requirement for entry into the Pop-Up Museum was a tad low. The archive was notorious for both subtle sexual innuendo and blatant obscenity. Info nuggets created byWoody were a virtual aphrodisiac. A night at the museum, including a visit to the Bubbly Bar and the various zeitgeisty exhibits, produced more pheromones than an unchaperoned game of spin the bottle in Mom and Dad’s basement. More than once security had to be called to discreetly deal with inappropriate behavior behind the music installations. Janitors were later called to clean up the “shared historical authority” left by enthusiastic “contributors.” 

That's the way my little mind works.  smiley: wink

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