Thursday, January 19, 2012

100 words from dada about a dentist

dadatic, a forum poster and writer I have enjoyed for years, indulged me with this little 100-word story that he graciously gave me permission to share.  Enjoy.

My dentist was injured today while she was torturing me. I didn't bite her. She cut herself with one of her instruments. While she ran to cure her wound, I stayed there with an open mouth, not because I was dumbfounded, but because she had not given me permission to close it. Fortunately she could soon resume the operation, as her wound was not really serious. But it's my first time of rightfully shared pain at the dentist's.  She quickly disposed of my tooth before I could say a word. Now what am I going to put beneath my pillow?

You'll pardon him if he does not read it aloud and record a sound bite...for obvious reasons.


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