Thursday, December 29, 2011

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Pictures (I-III)

See Griffin Ceawlin's fantastic original pics responding to the third hunt list on the Second Life Forums at:

Here's a quick tease...

Caitlin Tobias' consistently witty and pretty pics (I-III) can be found on her SLFeed and blog.

These are pictures from the intrepid Maryanne who upped the ante on the challenge by using the Utherverse (RLC) and Champions Online to attack the first hunt list.

The First Hunt List: 
1. A sumo wrestler or a monk. 
2. A Star Wars or Star Trek character. 
3. A sleeping bag or jump rope. 
4. A werewolf or a zombie. 
5. A piñata or fireworks. 

This is for you, Mary...

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