Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Next Virtual Scavenger Hunt Challenge! (III)

The Third Hunt List:
1. Father Time or Baby New Year.
2. A god or goddess.
3. A Dr. Who or Battlestar Gallactica character or prop.
4. A wine bottle, decanter and glass or Champagne in a bucket of ice with fluted glasses.
5. A mine or oil rig.

The Rules:
1. All items must be from an MMO or virtual world.
2. You may get into teams (pairs or groups) or do this as an individual.
3. Be the first to get all (one of the two choices for each number) of the items on the list for the win.
4. Provide proof of completion with posted screen shots. You or a team member must be in the shot.  You may use a virtual world forum such as Second Life forum, Utherverse forum,,, SC MKII, SLU, etc., and link your post in the comments.
5. Bonus points for creativity.
6. Bonus points for funny or strange chat logs about obtaining the screen-shot items. (Remember to protect the innocent.)
7. Final authority on judging belongs to the hunt organizer.
8.  The prize is bragging rights and entertainment value.

May the best team win!

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