Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yes, you can have a free Second Life.

A day in the life of a freebie-loving resident.  

I belong to an inworld chat group.  It's the Virtual Vagabond group chat which is related to the Virtual Vagabond blog written by SpaceCase M.  So I log-inworld and the group chat pops up and one of the members, Toni (aka JC Sundial), posts a tip about free stuff at a store called AlaFolie. Toni includes a slurl-embedded link, so I click on it and land right smack dab in front of the freebies.  



Six gift boxes containing six different dresses.  100% free.  No group membership requirement.  I snag all six.

Then I head over to the spot where Toni says there is a free pendant.


Right there in the red heart-shaped box.  Also 100% free.  I snag that too.

Then I wander around the store and notice that there are Lucky Chairs here.


Lucky Chairs give away free stuff when you sit in them at the moment the first letter of your first name appears.  Your Resident name.  So I sit in them when "L" shows up on the board and I get free stuff.

So there you have it.  That's how you get good free stuff in Second Life.  Totally doable. 


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