Saturday, July 20, 2013

Questions for District 13 (UVF)

Referring to a legitimate discussion about the fallout of rape:

"This is a very painful subject for some. It should not be on a forum. You should not have posted it." - Angel_Cher_AOG
"Nonsense. Forums are an excellent place for conversations, discussions, debate, and support covering a multitude of topics including rape, crime, ethics, finance, politics, and public policy. In some cases, and for various reasons, they may be the only place for such discussions and opportunities to hear and be heard. I find it offensive that you would aggressively and prolifically position yourself as a provider of counseling support to members of this community and then discourage people from posting without offering a reasonable alternative for their voices and their needs. It strikes me as irresponsible at a minimum, nevermind the repulsively anemic attempt to quash a legitimate and potentially valuable conversation about a real-world issue that might resonate with many members of this forum. I think your post was an insult not only to Levi, but to the people who clearly gave thoughtful responses to the conversation." - Lee
"Are you not the exact same one that lead a campaign in these forums to do a way with the rape in RLC?"  - Massus_VNTR_VMP
"What are we to make of the Angels' silence on this subject?" - Lee


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