Sunday, May 20, 2012

"How do I find mental health resources?"

I get asked this question or variations of it a lot.  I'm going to put some ABC-123 basics for finding mental health resources here.  The question usually comes up in virtual worlds or virtual world forums and this is my virtual world blog, so you'll notice a focus on virtual worlds.  You can peruse the following post or just skip to the links at the bottom.  As you wish.  And, speaking of wishes, the best of mine to you.

Second Life - Inworld

Find a nice spot in Second Life where you can relax.  I like beaches.


Set your avatar to "afk" so you can limit messages and focus on your search.


Open your "Search" box.  Keep in mind different viewers keep that function in different places.  This is mine:


Note and use the pulldown menu of types of searches.  I believe that if you are seeking mental health support, your best chances of finding what you want come with searching "Places" and "Groups."


You should use a variety of search terms from the general to the specific.  I'm going to start with the obvious, "mental health."  I'll search "Places" and then "Groups."



I received 9 returns for "Places" and 44 returns for "Groups."  That's a good start.

This is a screenshot of me searching "Places" for "Depression."  I received 35 results and if you look at the descriptions, you can see they are clearly about supporting people suffering from depression.


This is a screenshot of me searching with the term "Transgender" in "Groups."  I received 280 returns.  Now some of those are going to be fun and frisky sex groups, but some, like the first one listed, will be support groups.

Pick a place that appeals to you and Teleport to it.



Keep going until you find one you like.  You're the consumer, the shopper.  So shop.


You can also go online and just Google things like:

mental health in Second life
mental health in virtual worlds
support for depression in Second Life
transgender support in Second life
depression support forums

And so forth.


*** This blog post is under construction.  ***


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