Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hilarity Ensued (More Peening)

So Whiskey Monday, who is a marvelous writer (check out her blog and her Twitter feed), put a bug in my ear and a bee in my bonnet when she told me about a contest in Harlow Heslop's blog post, "The Golden Peen...Contest?".

I read Harlow's post and it immediately captured my attention as it did several others who found the idea irresistible.  Take the shining, polished golden peen and make creative and/or funny pictures with it and submit them to Harlow for judging.  Golden!  (Submissions are due Friday, May 25, 2012.)

Harlow says the idea came to her when Strawberry Singh (another blogger) gave her a golden peen as a gift.

Sales of the golden peen exploded and the creator, Chefkoch was, naturally, curious.  So he posted about it and guessed that the sales were generated by a blog post made by SpaceCase Munster on her (super fun) blog, "Virtual Vagabond."

SpaceCase let him know that not only were the sales largely generated by interest in Harlow's blog post, but that people were enthusiastically posting their peen pics on the Second Life Feeds and Flickr and other places.  Chefkoch went hunting for peen pics and found a veritable treasure trove.  He was delighted!  So he put together a mash up of the current entries as of today.  His post is a great way to see all the pics in one spot.  Check it out and see if you don't catch Peen Fever.  Join the fun!  If you do, link us!


Fine print:  Pardon all puns, intended or otherwise.


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