Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sera Lok & Lok's Low-Prim Furniture

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Heck, y'all probably already know about this place.  I only just learned about it today, but I'm told it is practically a Second Life institution.  I've talked to a couple of people who fondly remember completely kitting out their first inworld homes with Lok's Low-Prim Furniture.

It is a good place to send new Residents.  The store is extremely easy to navigate.  Sera Lok has maps and directories and TP towers all over the place and the store has an open warehouse feel.  There's a great section of Freebies, Midnight Mania boards and Lucky Chairs and there is a place to pick up a "Help Folder for Newbies."  That said, Sera's stuff looks fresh and current.  There's a mesh section and an adult section with the latest in embedded poses.

I love stores with directories and TP functions.

Midnight Mania, Lucky Chairs, Freebies

Sera seems a good sort.  I saw a post of hers in the Second Life forum that impressed me.  I visited her store and she dropped me a line via an inworld IM and introduced herself.  She was lovely.  Extremely gracious.

Drafting table in an office suite in the office section.

The wood color is "Wenge."  The drawers open and close with sound effects.

Here's what she said in the Commerce Forum that caught my eye:

Sera Lok wrote:
I'm more on the side of letting LL know what the problems are, for my customers' interests and my own,  getting over the fact that it's always an imperfect process, and making sure they know what's wrong so they can FIX it as quickly as possible.
I am operating from a progressive, unemotional viewpoint, so maybe that is where we differ.  I don't care where the blame lies, I'm way more interested in moving forward, finding the problems, and getting them fixed. 


I love a business strategy that moves away from the blame game and focuses on solutions, communication and the customer.  Full of win, that one there.

Okay, ya know I spent a good deal of time in there.

The place is huge and I'm told there is a second location too.

I have a tiny little hobby blog.  It's fun for me and I don't have much in the way of expectations beyond that, but if anyone reads this post and checks out Sera Lok's store, well, that'll be the cherry on top.

Maybe you'll think of me when you take a couple of minutes to relax on the swing set by the beach.


Sera Lok


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