Friday, October 26, 2012

Profiteering Protest and a Shot at Whiskey

If you read this humble little excuse for a part-time hobby blog, then you know I am a big fan of the art of Whiskey (Mon)day, which is why I got my hackles up when a friend of mine linked me to a deviantART page where someone, who is not Whiskey, has posted one of Whiskey's pictures as her own.

I know how hard-won Whiskey's art is because she blogs about the complexities and difficulties of her bittersweet life.  That knowledge makes this transgression seem all the more vile to me.  These are not hastily cobbled together lolcat or demotivational poster pics for quick laughs on forums.  Whiskey's pictures are thoughtful creations representing pieces of her very being.

Based on the growing howl of protests in both deviantART and Second Life venues, Whiskey was not the only victim of this theft of a piece of artistic soul.

There is a word teachers use on the school grounds when children are cruel to each other that is sounding in my mind right now, "Unacceptable!"

If you find this casual theft of something so significant as abhorrent as I do, perhaps you will join us in protesting the theft of the art of Whiskey and her fellow artists.

And bekidarling, if you are listening or reading, please remove the stolen content from your deviantART account.

Thank you.

- LeeHere Absent

Relevant links:

I have screenshots.

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It looks like Whiskey's pic has been taken down.  Whether that was done by bekidarling or deviantART - thank you.

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  1. Perfectly stated, Lee. This person is not stealing pixels, she is stealing the blood, sweat and tears of our friend (and the other victims). Unacceptable, indeed.

  2. Perfectly stated Lee. Well done!