Saturday, January 26, 2013

Every Time a Mod Dings a Fuckwad Gets His Wings

The subjects of two (relatively) significant and interwoven threads of drama on the Utherverse forum right now are...

1.  The forum hog that is the self-declared district 13 of angels covering the Utherverse for the almighty and humanity.

This is a short story.  Net nanny troll sets itself up as an entire "district of angels" (both inworld and in the forum) and proceeds to post prolifically telling people what to and not to do.  The not-so-surprising results of such an irritation are that a bunch of annoyed adults looking for dramatainment began smacking the troll...repeatedly.  The troll liked the attention, natch.  Some of the posters, for whatever reason, fully committed to the adversarial relationship with the troll.  A seemingly endless supply of AOG (angel) threads and posts were spawned and continue to spawn like bacteria in a nutrient-rich petri dish.  The net nanny troll and its love-to-hate-it frenemies have pissed in every section of the UVF territory...including the Fuckwad threads.

2. The Utherverse's original fuckwad, Fuckwad.

 photo greater-internet-fwad-theory1.jpg

Fuckwad is an old UVF forum whore who got banned from the site a few years back (Friday, October 9, 2009).  He's been trying to return officially (appeals to World Ops, etc.), but without success, as the administrators of the UVF won't lift his permaban.  (How 'bout them apples?)  Just_Jordan offered to be his UV "attorney" in the court of UV public opinion and virtual world justice (yes, there is one) and has happily given him the "tools to rejoin the conversation."  So Fuckwad's returned unofficially using an endless supply of known or knowable alts and a thumb planted near his nose and a tongue planted in his cheek. (Each one has a Val Kilmer Tombstone "I'm your huckleberry" gif and Fuckwad's overt style.)

Reactions have included old forum posters split into three points of view:  1.  Let him back in.  2.  Don't let him back in.  3.  I don't care.  Those that do want Fuckwad allowed back in either remember him fondly or remember him as a complete-and-utter asshole, but an asshole who greatly contributed to the liveliness and fun of the forum, a forum many seem to agree has lately been about as lively as Eleanor Rigby's parlor.  Those that don't want him back in remember what they might or do call the stalking, the attacking, the griefing, the trolling, the ganging up, the harassing, the bullying, the histrionics, and the generally negative and hostile tone to the forum when Fuckwad was in full post.

Newer posters are also split into three points of view:  1.  Let him back in.  2.  Don't let him back in.  3.  I don't care.   Those that do not remember Fuckwad, but want him let back in, are interested in the claims of the possibility of a re-enlivened forum (given credibility by the current uptick in forum interest due to this issue) and by the belief that no ban should ever be permanent, especially when there is a Wasteland.  Those who do not remember Fuckwad who do not want him let back in are influenced by both Fuckwad's reputation as a major griefer-troll and by the fact that he is currently circumventing the ban (another violation of the forum rules) with his endless creation of alts in order to post...posts that include "SG, go suck a dick" messages to one of the mods of the forum, SweetGuy.

Also, to add to the fun and mayhem, the regular, unbanned posters of the Utherverse forum (UVF) began playing a game where the object was to come up with new alt account names for Fuckwad.  Examples include Shagpacket, Wadogum, Waddle, Fackwad, ToWadFuThanksFor Eveything, and AngelWad.  All in fun, right?  Well, yes, until post # 95 when KendrickT of Utherverse World Operations posted that, "Attempting to assist a previously banned member circumvent our bans in any way is considered to be violation of our Terms of Service. Any further activity of this manner will be acted on immediately."  The implication being that playing a game of coming up with new names for Fuckwad's streaming invasion of alts in a thread called "The Help Fuckwad Out" thread would be considered "attempting to assist a previously banned member circumvent" the bans.

This resulted in an increased fervor from the tenured and newer posts who wanted Fuckwad back in - because now it was about forum moderation and potential abuse or silliness of power.  A sample of the reactions:

"Stunts like this are why your forums are dead as phukk."

"What you are doing, is effectively stopping your regular posters, (and a sizable amount of income for this site) from having a bit of fun. Fw(to my knowledge) HAS NOT used any of the names on the list. And my contributions to this thread have been purely for fun. I honestly think you are being a bit overly heavy handed with this whole situation. Sometimes in business, you have to swallow a bit of your pride, and give your paying customers what they are asking for. And the fact is, MOST of your regular posters on these forums think having FW back would be a good thing. YOUR CUSTOMERS are letting you know that they dont approve of your tactics.. YOUR CUSTOMERS are becoming unhappy. Now, if you want to ban me for simply speaking my mind, and letting you know that I dont agree with what you are doing, then so be it. I wasnt insulting, I didnt demean you(UV)... I simply stated my thoughts on this matter."

"With all due respect, if you call this helping him circumvent the ban, you are sadly mistaken. If anything, it would help staff locate him faster... But duly noted. We won't come up with silly, obvious names for FW anymore. We'll come up with other ways to amuse ourselves...."

The Fuckwad-related threads were Wastelanded and a handful of UVF posters changed their forum avatar pics to pics of Guy Fawkes masks a la V for Vendetta.

So now there is a righteous fight against the man.

There is a net-nanny troll looking like forum bait in Victoria Secret lingerie to a fuckwad like Fuckwad.

Drama.  Posts.  Ratings.

Welcome back, UVF.

The UVF:
The UVF Wasteland:
Fuckwad UVF profile:
The Re-enstate (sic) Fuckwad thread:
The Help Fuckwad Out game thread:
Fuckwad vs. Angels thread:
SG, go suck a dick thread:

More links:


I'm not linking the angel threads.  They're all over the fucking place.  You'll trip over them if you enter the UVF.  Or you could just do a forum search for "angel," "cher," "dawn", or "Dangren."

I tagged this blog post with "RLetc."  Ask Laraby40 aka Bolt Riprock about the connection.

Contrary to the opinion of those claiming to be in the "Know," Fuckwad has not been banned from every forum he has been on.  He has not even been banned from every forum he and I have been on together.  Fuckwad was banned from UVF and RLetc, but he still has two unbanned accounts on SLU, one on SCMKII, and one on gotVirtual.  He even had an account in Second Life and its forum and feed. (Has/d does not equal use, btw.) Yes, he could potentially post with his old friends on those forums, particularly a forum like, but it would appear this (the UVF) is the forum he wants to post on with his friends.  Much like some of the old, banned Second Life forum (SLF) whores work so hard to get back onto their old stomping grounds with such nostalgic attachment, Fuckwad wants to return to his social home.

At any rate, that's the scoop from one woman's point of view.  Mine.


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  1. Posted by Kris to the Angel:

    "No, voting that someone would rather have FuckWad in the forums as opposed to you is not an attempt to help him circumvent his ban, he's able to do that well enough on his own, just that most of the other posters find you so repugnant that they would prefer to play with someone... almost anyone other than you."